University Avenue, Fredericton – in the spring freshet of 1887 (PANB P4-2-07)

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2016 CANB Calendar : Identity

Identity: the sense of self, the condition of being oneself or itself, and not another.

This year for the CANB annual calendar, we are looking for images that represent identity.  This could include your community identity, your institutional identity, or even the identity of your target audience and members.  We want you to think about how you represent yourself to others and what makes you and your institution unique and special.  Please do not limit yourself to only photographs.  Consider other material such as posters, postcards, maps or even documents.


CANB-NB Provincial Funding

We are pleased to announce the 2015-2016 CANB-NB Grant Program.  Through this program, successful applicants can receive funding to support projects undertaken at your archives in the categories of Arrangement and Description, Preservation/Holdings Maintenance, Equipment Purchase and Professional Development. Archival institutions must be CANB members in good standing in order to qualify for a grant. Qualified applicants may submit more than one grant application. 

Completed applications must be received by the Archives Advisor by October 9, 2015 either by email at or through the mail.


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Check out our new Google Map of CANB Members! See Our Members section.

We Bring History to Life

Our mandate is to serve the archival community of the province of New Brunswick.

Welcome to CANB, the Council of Archives New Brunswick



Our mandate is to serve the archival community of the province by providing assistance, training and services such as the Archives Advisor programme, an archival supplies co-op, the Conservation Library, a Preservation Advisor, and the distribution of information received from the national institutions. We are a bilingual institution.


Specifically, we seek to: 

  • Provide a network for archival cooperation throughout the province
  • Promote the development of and to coordinate the implementation of projects of mutual interest. 
  • Represent the provincial archival community in a national archival network
  • Promote the archival preservation and conservation of New Brunswick historical documentary sources, and, as required, to make representations to government and other agencies to promote this preservation
  • Encourage the establishment of archives by record-creating bodies and to prevail upon these bodies to open the historical records to public research
  • Assess and report on the needs of the provincial archival community to provincial, federal and private funding and policy making agencies and to make representation to these agencies for funding to fulfill these needs
  • Establish and promote adequate standards, procedures and practices among archival repositories in the province
  • Promote public understanding and use of archives and of the historical resources of the province
  • Provide delegates from member institutions with a forum for the discussion of archival issues and a means to exchange ideas on archival matters